Association of Swedish Lighting Designers

Svenska Ljussättareföreningen. (SLF)

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Our Purpose

The Association of Swedish Lighting Designers is a non political, non union, and non profit national organisation for professional lighting designers.


The Association of Swedish Lighting designers [SLF] was founded 14/12 1992, on a meeting at Filmhuset (The Filmhouse) in Stockholm. At the meeting were approximately 60 of Sweden’s lighting designers.

The association that was formed has the aim to:”….. claim lighting design as an artistic part in theatre and music productions and in any other connection where light design is called for by:

  • Support good light design.
  • Claim light design as an artistic part of the collective artistic process.
  • Be a forum for debate for light designers and towards other professionals.
  • Support the regrowth in the profession.
  • Creating the means for a professional education.
  • Achieving recognition from our trade unions.
  • Seeking contact with related associations throughout the world.

Contact Information

Do you have questions about the Association of Swedish Lighting Designers, or are you looking for a Swedish lighting designer?  Here are some ways to contact us.

Anders Larsson




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